Airports&Ports FAQs 

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ONE-STOP SHOP for all your taxi and private hire airport and port journeys.

Trip matching London serving airport rides up to 30 days in advance with fixed fares from £33 to £53 for journeys that start or finish inside London's M25.

PHOs/Taxi drivers will be able to negotiate fares for all other trips.

A: The London PHV has two distinctive yellow discs on the top right-hand corner of the vehicle front & back.
A: The London PHD has a photographic ID badge with name, serial number and expiry date.

A: All will have licence plates attached on or around the rear number plate of the taxi or private hire vehicle. Drivers will also have ID badges to confirm their identity.

A: When registering for the first time you will be prompted to enter the main details. After you have registered your request will remain on-hold until you Login for the first time. When you’ve logged in your request will be live on the system and you need to wait for the PHOs/Taxi drivers to respond to your request.

A: Login to Airports&Ports and go to messages and reply to your PHOs last message to you. Sending the new information this way will alert the PHO/Taxi driver that there is a message related to your specific Airport Request.

A: Only Taxis licensed by TfL are exempt from the congestion charge

A: Matching two or more rides within the same post code, site location (airport) or exact location (landmark or bus stop)

A: The PHO will tell the PHD your name, where you are going, how many people being collected and any other information requested by you to be passed onto the PHD.

The PHD will display your name on a board. Approach the PHD and follow this procedure: ask to see the PHD's badge, ask the PHD where you are going, ask for the PHO's name, when you get to the PHV check it matches the details given to you by the PHO, confirm the price. If you have problems call the PHO for assistance. The Taxi driver will display your name on a board and will be wearing their badge. 

A: Yes, touts operate at all London's Airports, and if you've already paid for your PHV with your Credit Card then you should be safe from them. ** Follow this simply advice; Always ask the driver where you are going. If they do not know, they are not your PHD **

A: BargainPHV is an intermedairy between potential commuters/travellers and licensed PHOs and Taxi drivers. The law prohibits unlicensed companies/vehicles/drivers to engage in hire & reward bookings.

A: YES, just register under Airports&Ports, send your request and chat to the PHO/Taxi driver directly.

A: Remember to consider the vehicle space required to make your journey a pleasant experience. You must also inform the PHO/Taxi driver of any special arrangements/requirements for your collection. All PHO's/Taxi drivers are bound by law to accept bookings from disabled passengers.

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