CommuterShare Terms of Service

  • Before you register please read below;

    Type of Service – Considerate

    This is a new type of service that is different from the local taxi and private hire service you are accustomed to. Please read-on to understand the differences and if you are not happy with this type of service do not register. If you register and use the Considerate Service then you agree to the terms of service as stated below:


    This is a regional service not a local service so the drivers do not always know the best routes. Do not presume that the driver knows everything so, if you know of road closures, accidents or certain shortcuts just check with the driver that she/he knows what you know. It saves time!

    Selecting a PHV/Taxi for Ride-Sharing within London's M25

    The Transit8 is the cheapest way of sharing a PHV to your chosen destination as an individual, but should a PHO/Taxi driver have a different type of PHV/Taxi they will discuss this with you before booking as this will be a little bit more expensive. If you are booking as a Group then you can choose a bigger PHV/Taxi to keep costs down, but you will have additional passengers joining you on your journey. The minimum passenger booking per PHV are Saloon & Estate x 2 passengers, MPV5 x 4 passengers, MPV6 x 5 passengers, Transit7 x 6 passengers & Transit8 x 7 passengers. When a group client selects an MPV5 they must have at least 4 passengers to book this PHV. Minimum fares per PHV/Taxi are £21 for a Saloon/Estate, £26 MPV5, £30 MPV6, £33 Transit7 & £35 Transit8

    Selecting a PHV/Taxi for Trip Matching within London's M25

    Trip matching minimum fares per PHV/Taxi are £21 for a Saloon/Estate, £26 MPV5/Taxi, £30 MPV6, £33 Transit7 & £35 Transit8. The PHO/Taxi driver must start a new run as a single pick up and drop off, or, multiple pick up and drop off service within London's M25. 

    Disabled Passengers

    When selecting a PHV/Taxi please take into account any accompanying aids like wheelchairs, walking frames & guide dogs. When prompted by the online messaging system write and inform the PHO/Taxi driver what space and assistance you need to safely enter and exit the PHV/Taxi in a timely manner, not just at pick-up but drop-off as well. This is vital information that ensures all other passengers are able to get to their destinations on time.


    You are respectfully reminded that all PHVs/Taxis are no smoking, no eating (unless you are willing to pay the driver for cleaning-up after you and the other passengers do not object), no alcohol and no foul language. We welcome good manners, sense of humour and, if you are in the mood, a chit-chat.

    Waiting Times

    PHD/Taxi drivers will only be allowed to wait a maximum of 2 mins, any longer would be unfair on the other passengers and the driver.

    Post Code pick-up & drop-off

    For a safe journey all passengers are to be collected or dropped-off at a safe and convenient location. Dependent on prevailing traffic conditions/awkward road layouts you must be prepared to be collected or dropped-off up to 10mins walk to/from your home/destination.


    Only advance payment will be accepted by the PHOs and Taxi drivers this saves time especially when people don’t have change or cash to hand. It also stops fraudulent use of the service.


    Should you not be at the agreed pick-up after 1min has elapsed then the PH/Taxi driver either call you directly or the PHO office will try and contact you. If no response then the PH/Taxi driver will leave and you will not be entitled to a refund.

    Wrong pick-up location - Trip Matching

    In the event that either the PHD/Taxi driver or passengers are not at the right pick-up location. Either the PHO office or the PHD will call your phone number to locate you.  The Taxi driver will call you directly. If it's a PHO/Taxi driver mistake then they will arrange a new collection point. If you are found to be in the wrong area they will try to accomodate you provided it is reasonable. If you are in the wrong post code you will not be entitled to a refund.

    Wrong pick-up location - Ride Sharing

    In the event that either the PHD/Taxi driver or passengers are not at the right pick-up location. Either the PHO office or the PHD will call your phone number to locate you.The Taxi driver will call you directly. Should it be found that the customer is not at the right location then it is at the discretion of the PH/Taxi driver if he/she can accommodate you. If they can't they will have to leave you in the wrong location. The PHO may though have another PHV in your current location and switch fares. If this cannot be done then you will not be entitled to a refund. Should it be found that the PHD/Taxi driver are at the wrong pick-up location then they will have to give you a new estimated pick-up time or if the PHO has another PHV near your location arrange for that PHV to collect you. If these options are not acceptable to you then you are entitled to a refund from the PHO/Taxi driver.


    This service will not be able to facilitate large/excess luggage as there will not be any drop-offs/collections at airports. Should you want an airport service please go to the BargainPHV and use either Airports&Ports or the 5Day Service.

    Personal Belongings

    BargainPHV and the PHOs/Taxi drivers accept no liability for any loss of cash or items such as mobile phones, laptops, bags, shopping, purses, wallets, jewellery or anything else of value to you. Before you enter or exit a PHV/Taxi make sure, before the driver sets-off, you have everything you need or had during the journey. If you feel you’ve left something in a PHV/Taxi contact the PHO/Taxi driver as soon as you’ve become aware so the driver can check their vehicle.


    If you become ill and can’t make your journey try and contact the PHO/Taxi driver as soon as possible as they may find a replacement passenger to refund your fare. If they can’t replace you on your pre-booked journey then you will lose that fare. If you have booked subsequent fares for that day or the next day then you need to cancel those fares and get a refund.


    You must give a PHO/Taxi driver at least five(5) hours notice to obtain a refund for any pre-booked journey. Anything less then five(5) hours will be dependant on whether the PHO/Taxi driver can find another passenger to take your place.

    Please let us know if you have an issue with CommuterShare's terms of service by using our Contact form