Commercial Partners

BargainPHV is looking for airlines, airports, tour operators, car manufacturers, hotel chains, and restaurant/beverage brands who would like to promote their products to the taxi and private hire trade and their customers. Or offer their customers taxi/phv deals.

Where else to start than good old London with a price-driven trip matching platform designed to reduce taxi and phv environmental impact to near zero, increase driver wages and operator revenues, all with the support of commercial partners.

Whether it is a regional trip matching ride or airport run, most customers are not-only price but safety-conscious. All of BargainPHV's services are focused on earning more in less time with all requests and queries answered by people, not automated apps.

Why do the taxi and private hire trades need commercial partners? Let's look at an airport as an example. It is a hub, and we need to give the customers the best experience possible. What better way than an airline incentivising their customers with an environmental trip matched taxi and private hire ride that's affordable. The appeal of a low-cost taxi/phv ride with a great flight price will attract those price-savvy customers.

There are 2,000 PHOs & 20,000 taxi drivers registered with TfL plus thousands of operators and taxi drivers all over the UK. BargainPHV wants to give them all safe, environmental and economical trip matching.

The next step is sending us a message. So we can explain how a commercial partner can increase their revenues and customer base.

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