How CommuterShare works

Once you have read the how it works, please continue to read the Information & Guidance to give you more details about CommuterShare and its requirements.

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How it works


CommuterShare is designed for trip matching and ride-sharing private hire vehicles and taxis whether you are an individual or group. Before you decide to register please take time to read the Terms of Service as the ‘Considerate’ service is different from the traditional local mini-cab/cab door-to-door service you are used to.

1, When you're ready to book a PHV/Taxi within 30 days, click on the Register & Request button opposite, and enter your valid email address via the registration page to submit your first request.

2, After registration, first time users need to Login and confirm their PHV/Taxi request.

3, Chat to one or more PHOs/Taxi drivers interested in your request online using the Private Message Board chat service.

4, If you have two or more PHOs/Taxi drivers interested in your PHV/Taxi request then you have to decide which PHO/Taxi driver gets your business.

5, Congratulations! You've successfully booked your PHV/Taxi with your chosen PHO/Taxi driver.

Information & Guidance

Select either Within or Outside London's M25

Select 'Within M25' if starting and finishing your journey within London's M25. If any part of your journey takes you outside the M25 then select 'Outside M25'.

Individual or Group?

Individual – can select any PHV Type Saloon £7 one-way or £14 return to Transit8 £5 one-way to £10 return. Your journey must start and end within London’s M25.

Group - select the PHV Type that meets your group size or request a bigger PHV to make it cheaper but you will share with other passengers. See below;

PHV Type - Min/Max Passengers
Saloon 2/4
Estate 2/4
MPV5 4/5 (Taxi)
MPV6 5/6
Transit7 6/7
Transit8 7/8

Two-sharing/couples for Saloon & Estate prices are set at £10.50 each and £7 each for three & four passengers one-way, MPV5 is £6.50 per passenger, MPV6 is £6 per passenger, Transit7 is £5.50 per passenger and Transit8 is £5 per passenger one-way. For return journeys just double the amounts so MPV6 will be £12 per passenger return.

Total Passengers

You must select from 1 to 8 passengers.


RIDE-SHARING: Select a PHV for one-way or return trips. Saloon/Estate 2 Passenger Prices are for sole use with no other passengers. What does MPV6 – 5/6 Passengers mean? Minimum of 5 and Maximum of 6 Passengers, if an Individual selects this PHV they will share with a minimum of 4 other passengers.

Selecting Dates

You can choose same-day, daily, weekly or up to 29 days concurrently. If you want to go on Mon & Wed in the same week then you have to put in two requests. If it is Mon, Tue & Wed then you only need to put in one request.

Disabled/School Run

Only click one of these boxes if they apply to you otherwise leave selection on None.

Are you disabled?

If yes, please inform the PHO/Taxi drivers in the box provided, this allows for time and additional space needed to facilitate pick-up and drop-off. 

School Run

There are two ways to use this service;

1, a group of parents can create their own school run. The first pick-up has to be a parent/carer/child-minder and they will be the point contact for all the children being transported.

2, Individual parents/carers can seek to transport their child as some PHOs/Taxi drivers transport SEN children and, can offer Child Escort services.

Should you request a child escort for your child or group this will incur additional cost which the PHO/Taxi driver will advise during your discussions.

An example of how to enter a request for a school based in SE10 with four children and a parent.

First Pick-up post code & time DA5 07:45 (parent) First Drop-off post code & Time DA5 09:20, Return pick-up DA5 15:00 and Return Drop-off DA5 16:20. When the PHO responds to this request inform them, via the online PMB service, of the childrens pick-up post codes & times and School drop-off post code (SE10) & time. You can choose from an MPV5 (£13) to Transit8 (£10) per person return dependent on availability. If you are in a Transit you may find that you could be joined by pupils with parent/escort going to the same school.

Your Requirements?

Briefly inform the PHOs of any aids or key details. You can explain in full when a PHO responds to your request.

First Pick-up Post Code (Group Requests Only)?

You have a choice! you can all be collected from the pick-up post code or we can collect your group along the way. If the latter, make sure your pick-ups are heading in the same direction to your destination otherwise the PHOs will not continue with your request. Remember this is not a door-to-door service, see FAQs for more details.

What information you need to make a Request

Individual - Pick-up post code and drop-off post code and times, for Example; TW12 - 07:00 and SW1V – 08:15. If you want a return then you will be prompted to enter post codes and times.

Group - Click the ‘Total Passengers’ and select the total number of passengers required for the journey. Enter the 1st passenger pick-up and drop-off post codes and times.If collecting your group on-route to your destination make sure that all your passenger pick-ups & drop-offs are heading in the same direction. If the PHO has a problem with your multiple request they will tell you why.

Submitted Request

When a PHO/Taxi driver responds to your request you can chat via the PMB service and discuss your requirements further. It is advisable to write key details using the PMB service so as to avoid misunderstandings. Should there be a problem there is an online record. A PHO/Taxi driver will always be happy to call you so if you prefer that option just ask them by sending your phone number.

How and when to pay

The PHO/Taxi driver will inform you when and how to pay for your trip.