How Airports&Ports works

Once you have read the how it works, please continue to read the Information & Guidance to give you more details about Airports&Ports and its requirements.

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How it works

1, When you're ready to book a PHV/Taxi within 30 days, click on the Register & Request button opposite, and enter your valid email address via the registration page to submit your first request.

2, After registration, first time users need to Login and confirm their PHV/Taxi request.

3, Chat to one or more PHOs/Taxi drivers interested in your request online using the Private Message Board chat service.

4, If you have two or more PHOs/Taxi drivers interested in your PHV/Taxi request then you have to decide which PHO/Taxi driver gets your business.

5, Congratulations! You've successfully booked your PHV/Taxi with your chosen PHO/Taxi driver.

Information & Guidance

1. You can only get these prices & availability on the website

2. Extremely Important: It's YOUR responsibility to select the correct vehicle/passenger/luggage combination. If in any doubt ask the PHO/Taxi driver for assistance.

3. The price quoted is for a single(one) (1) collection and drop-off trip only. Additional drop-offs, car park, waiting time fees, credit card, processing fees, cancellation fees, and requested vehicle change are chargeable extras and these must be negotiated with the PHO/Taxi driver at time of booking.

4. Airport Arrivals Notice: Book your BPHV at least 1 hour after your plane is due to land. This will reduce your car park and waiting time fees.

5. Airport Arrivals Information: You are advised to wait at the arrivals area. PLEASE have your mobile switched on just in case you are held-up in Immigration/customs.

6. The PHO will give you instructions as the type of vehicle & driver who will meet you. If you are in any doubt, you must call/message the PHO for assistance. READ the FAQs for more information.

7. Airport Departures Notice: Please remember that the FinalPickUpTime is for a (2) two hour journey time to all London airports.

Should you have any queries then please Contact Us