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Welcome to BargainPHV

BargainPHV offers users a regional low-cost private hire vehicle & taxi service achieved environmentally through trip matching & ride sharing.

We offer fixed fares for all London airports and CommuterShare trips within London's M25. All other regions trips are to have fares negotiated with the PHOs and Taxi drivers.

To get started, all you need is your email address to register, request, chat & book your first trip.

Service Information:  As our services are new, you will likely experience delayed or no response to your request as we only have a small number of registered PHOs, no taxi drivers yet. If you like what we are offering, please keep trying, whilst we encourage more private hire operators and taxi drivers to join our services.


ONE-STOP SHOP for all your taxi and private hire airport and port journeys.

Trip matching London serving airport rides up to 30 days in advance with fixed fares from £33 to £53 for journeys that start or finish inside London's M25.

PHOs/Taxi drivers will be able to negotiate fares for ports to airports and airport transfers. Ports covered are Southampton, Dover and Harwich.


You planning on taking at least a six mile hike? Better make a request and let the PHOs and Taxi drivers trip match you.

BPHV's regional trip matching and ride sharing service is £5 to £7 per person for Individuals and Groups or £21 per couple one-way anywhere within London’s M25

New ‘Considerate’ service is post code pick-up and drop-off with live private message board chat to PHOs and Taxi drivers. Journeys outside London's M25 are negotiable

London Airports 5Day Service

The 5Day Service shows travellers instantly what PHVs and Taxis are available up to 5 days. Two clicks secures a BPHV, after communicating with the Taxi Driver or Private Hire Operator.

PHOs and Taxi Drivers offer available PHVs and Taxis going to or from all London Airports to within London’s M25 - Up to 15mins response times if your request is accepted.

Fixed Prices £33 Saloon, £37 Estate, £40 MPV5, £45 MPV6 & £53 Transit7/8.

Private Hire & Taxi Trade

BargainPHV is the only trip matching and ride-sharing platform for regional requests.

If you operate in and around London, customers will like the fixed fares on offer, all you have to do is match them to your local jobs. Requests which start or finish outside London's M25 are negotiable.

Wherever you operate if you like what you see, please register. As soon as the demand increases your account will become active.

Commercial Partners

BargainPHV's mission is to provide a safe, economical, environmental regional and national solution for the taxi and private hire industry.

We start in London as it has over 2,000 phos and 20,000 taxi drivers and then expand throughout the UK. BPHV are seeking to create revenue streams for companies looking at more focused promotions to the customers, drivers and operators of the taxi & private trade.

Interest piqued? Then get in touch and let's discuss the potential that awaits us.

Marketing & Promotions

The cat gives it away somewhat as we can't wait to get started. We hope you like him and the two promotional videos.

keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds they could spring into action at any moment.