BargainPHV Terms & Conditions 

1, offers Users the opportunity to communicate with Licensed Private Hire Operators (PHOs) as described under the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 and various Hackney Carriage Drivers (Taxi drivers) laws

2, is only a facilitator & communications platform and takes no bookings whatsoever.

3, Users can only Request, Talk and Book Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) directly with Private Hire Operators (PHOs) and Taxi drivers that have registered successfully with All registered PHOs and Taxi drivers have to sign contracts before they can undertake engagements via the website.

4, Users have two ways of using to request & book PHVs and Taxis 4.1 View available PHVs/Taxis via the London Airports 5Day Service Taxi/PHV Airport Departures or Taxi/PHV Arrivals links 4.2 Register their valid email address for Airports&Ports and CommuterShare Request, Chat & Booking

5, does not guarantee that the User will be successful when submitting a request on any service. WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES, GUARANTEES OR LIABILITIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES SOLD/USED/ON OR THROUGH

6, At no point will send demands for payment to Users for any service via email.

7, only requires a valid email address for the Airports&Ports and CommuterShare request service. People sixteen (16) or older can only apply. Should any email address be found to be that of a person under the age of sixteen (16) then it will breach this condition and be removed.

8, does not require any other personal data from clients for registration.

9, Users will only be able to talk to PHO’s/Taxi drivers via the private message board service

10, Users are reminded not to disclose their personal information until they have chosen their PHO/Taxi driver. Use your first name or nickname.

11, Once a User makes a request they have to wait for a response from either a PHO or Taxi driver. A message icon will appear when a PHO or Taxi driver considers the Users request.

12, The User has to respond to the PHOs and Taxi drivers first message to confirm details requested.

13, Any prices quoted on the initial request are the Users price for a PHV/Taxi request

14, Some PHOs/Taxi drivers may want to charge you more for four reasons; 1, PHO may only have Luxury PHVs like Mercedes or BMWs available, 2, Not have your PHV/Taxis type available; I.E MPV5(Taxi) instead of a requested Saloon, 3, Additional requirements like multiple stops or collections, disabled aids like wheelchairs were not part of the initial request 4, If your request is for collection from an Airport you maybe charged for car park/drop-off/waiting time charges.

15, Should there be a problem with your request with a PHO/Taxi driver you can do three things; 1, Reject that PHOs/Taxi drivers consideration and move onto the next PHO/Taxi driver 2, Negotiate with the PHO/Taxi driver via the message board service 3, Notify if you have evidence that condition (19) has been breached

16, Once a User & PHO/Taxi driver reaches an agreement the User can press the accept button on the request. The User MUST make sure they have the PHOs/Taxi drivers details offline should they not get access to the internet

17, All time expired unanswered requests will be removed immediately and incomplete/accepted requests will be removed from the database 48 hours after the requested date

18, All correspondence relating to expired & accepted requests will be removed 3 days after the requested date

19, No foul/abusive/racial language will be tolerated, if proven that you or anyone else (using your login) infringed this condition you forfeit your subscriptions and privileges of use. If a PHO/Taxi driver breaches this condition please email with a copy of the correspondence.

20, Users can see ‘Online PHOs’ who are logged into the system and PHOs/Taxi drivers can see ‘Online Users’. Be sure to logout clicking the ‘Logout’ link. 

21, All Users are respectfully minded to read the How it Works & FAQ section of the website for the 5day service, Airports&Ports and CommuterShare for additional help and advice. 

22, Intellectual property of,, and all products/services listed under these sites are the sole ownership of Mr William Hanlon also known as the creator.

Should you have any queries, please Contact Us